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Build Loyalty and Trust

The story began with a very simple idea – creative brands deserve creative marketing. That idea sparked a vision, and that vision became The Circus Cartel. We are a San Diego Video Production that firmly believe that video marketing is the future. We will not bore you with all of the statistics, but to put it bluntly – creative films work. The most effective way to communicate with today’s consumers is to visually captivate them with a beautifully produced, story-driven film. That is where we come in – a small crew of dedicated craftsmen that believe when it comes to company branding, inspiration is the only true way to engage an audience. We are visual raconteurs that understand the importance of consumer loyalty and trust.

Brands, Businesses, and People

This is where you come in...

We build trust by giving your consumers an insight into who you are and what you stand for as a company. Every successful brand has a story, and until recently that story was located in the ABOUT section of your website, or written on the back of your restaurant menu – but unfortunately, in today’s world, that just doesn’t cut it anymore. A mission statement should transcend words and letters and become a visual manifesto for the whole world to view and share …and share they will.



The idea that sparked The Circus Cartel is also the idea that will soon bring us together. We are not satisfied with just making an advertisement video or a quick promo – we want to create a film that will inspire those who watch it. We look forward to working with you in the future and sharing your story with the world.

Broken Heart Tattoo

Luminous Views

Sew Loka Handmade


Straight forward pricing

We put a lot of thought into our pricing structure and eventually decided that we wanted to be 100% up front and transparent with our prospective clients. The cost of producing a creative film is all right there; nothing hidden, nothing unsaid – whether you are a brand new coffee shop or Starbucks, the pricing will remain the same. We did this, because we feel like the old system of proposals, bids and estimates is broken – simply put, the endless emails and fickle pricing is a giant waste of your time and it is not designed to serve your best interest.

We feel that our pricing strikes that perfect balance between the quality we produce and the investment you can afford. We are a small business and we create everything with the small business in mind.



  • 2 minute Film
  • Social Media and Yelp advertising
$ 1495


  • Story driven and brand focused
$ 2995 Trailer + Short Film

Short Film

  • 5 minute Film
  • Promotional branding
$ 1995

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